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Christmas Sotry by CKBC

Christmas Sotry by CKBC :

Karen National Anthem

Karen National Anthem :

Ah Ngea - Live Recording

He Guide Me (Live Recording) :
In This World (Live Recording) :
I Will Walk With God (Live Recording) :
My Mother Love Me (Live Recording) :
No Hope On This World (Live Recording) :
Obey God (Live Recording) :
See Ye First (Live Recording) :
When Jesus Came To This World (Live Recording) :
Why You Go Away (Live Recording) :

Ah Ngea Album

Always Remember :
Christmas Time :
He GuideMe :
In This World :
I Will Walk With God :
My Mother Love Me :
My Mother Love Me :
No Hope On This World :
See Ye First :
When Jesus Came To This World :
Why You Go Away :

Harry Wah Album

Gosple Song :
ChristmasAtmosphere :
Come Back Today :
For Us :
Give Me Two Things :
Hope To See You :
Now I Come Back :
Now I Surrender :
Prayer :
What I Need In My Life :
You Guide Me :

Harry Wah Favorite Songs

Hsoo Nar Ta Gar :
May Ya Tha Bo :
Give Me Your Love :
I Am Not :
I Want You To Know (Music) :
I Want You To Know :
May God Bless You :
My True Love :
My True Love (Music) :
Only You :
When I Think :
Your Birth Day (Music) :
Your Birth Day :

I Will Lift Up My Eyes

Track-01 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-02 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-03 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-04 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-05 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-06 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-07 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-08 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-09 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-10 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-11 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :
Track-12 from I Will Lift Up My Eyes Album :

Mu Lar Ta Ler Ywa

MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-01 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-02 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-03 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-04 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-05 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-06 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-07 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-08 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-09 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-10 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-11 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-12 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-13 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-14 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-15 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-16 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-17 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-18 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-19 :
MuLarTaLerYwa-Track-20 :

262 The Hope Of A Candle

Title :
To Sunday School :
Jesus Called :
Be Careful :
God Create Us :
Praise :
Do You Best :
HE Love You and Me :
Jesus Christ :
David :
To Bethlehem :
Jesus Risen :
The Childrens :
10 Commandments :
262 Candle :
For God so love the World :
Haleluya :
Moses :

Thailand Karen Baptist Convention (TKBC) Album 1

TKBC-Album1-Track 01 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 02 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 03 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 04 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 05 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 06 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 07 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 08 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 09 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 10 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 11 :
TKBC-Album1-Track 12 :

Moe Hti Pa Hti by Hsa Gay Doh Htee

Karen National Anthem :
Moe Hti Pa Hti :
Ler Salawin Ker Koh :
Ka Nyaw Po Gher :
Klaw Law Mar Ka Lue Law Mar :
Htee Lu Tha Ka Law Da Ler Ka Htaw Paw :
Klet Sert Kae Htaw Ta Bluet :
Ler Khoh Doh Ah Pu :
Hte Ta Gar Pae Mu Na Yo :
Gu Klet Sert Nae Ka Nyaw Po :
May Yeh Thara Ah Po Kwa :
Ta Paw Yah Sae Kee Lee Ah :
Ye Day Day Ya Wae Poh :
Ler Tha Hsaw Law :
Lah Po Gher Tae Nay Ya :
Ya Hser Tha Bo :

Ta Law Ma by Sa Law Law

Tho Du Ta Thee :
Ta Tha Wee Ler Htee Hta Swe :
Moe Moe Tae Ya :
Tha Mee Twe Yeh Dot Na :
Ta Khea Ler May Weh Da Ta Eh :
Tha Oh Yeh Da Dot Na :
Tha Paw Ler Eh Na Koh :
Kot Kwa Yeh Ta Su Kah :
Ta Law Ma :
Ka Naw Kaw Krert Thay Nya :
Nor Nor Ler Ya Eh :
Ta Tha Wee Tha Thee :
Pwa Kwet Hta Soe :
Ta Eh Ta May Ta Hay Ka :
Na Ka Eh Naw Kaw Ah :

New Life

Sit Htaw Pa Trer Ywa Ah Mee :
Ya Pa Pa :
Ta Eh Ler Hay Law Tha :
Lu Pway Doh :
Tu Loh Mu Koh Saw Pa :
Si Htaw Pa Trer 117 :
Pa Law Key Na Tha :
Ya Moe Moe :
Dee Thot Ka Nay Ta Moo :
Ler Ta Khoo Poh Ma Tha Kot :
Ler Ta Khoo Poh Ma Tha Kot :
Sa Khri May Hae Kay :
New Life-Sa Tha Bo Geh Hter Wae Lee :

Na May Ya Ta Tha Nay by Saw BeaCher

Pa Ka Lea Tha Kot :
Law Mu Ler Ya Oh Plea :
Na May Htee Nay :
Ta Eer Law :
Hae Kay Htee Ya :
Ta Hser Htee Yeh :
Oh Pwa Ler Ya Eh :
Ka Nyaw Mu :
Na May Ya Ta Tha Nay :
Pue Mee Yah :
Ta Hae Wee :
Kwa Htee Hso Ka Moe :

Songs from the First Karen MV

National Music Medley :
Ta Hser Gay Hswer Wah :
Ka Nyaw Ni Htaw Thaw :
Htee Kaw Ta Mer Poh :
Ler Ta Tha Khu :
Ba Ma Nue Kho :
Pae Htee Klo Ker Nee :
Ya Htee Ya Kaw Ya Ka Lu Mu :
Ner May Neh Ya That Tha Moo :
Pa Keh Pa Kloh :
Ta Eh Ler Ka Ter Ta Nay :
Pa Ta Hser Gay :
Klet Sert Neh :
Ler Lue Pway Doh :
Ler Salawin Ker Koh :
Taw Oo Paw Lu Lu :
Ler Htee Kaw Gaw :
Pa Htee Kaw :

More songs be added....